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1. Celene - Drunk And High
2. Celene - Regenerate
3. Celene - No Love
4. Celene - Third Eye Opens
5. Celene - Psycho Dance
6. Celene - Vintage With You
7. Celene - Strobes And Lasers
8. Celene - Rave Destination
9. Celene - Old Days
10. Celene - Welcome to heaven intro

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About Album

Chris Alex aka Celene was born in Serres Greece. At an early age he realised music was a life path. He learned to play the piano and after years went by he started playing electronic music at local clubs. Now he lives in Thessaloniki as a Dj/Producer. He is an active – core member of the promoting and event hosting label called NoLove. His music is defined by out-of-this-world atmospheres and dynamic grooves.

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Artist: DJ